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Director of Photography on music video | Dutchavelli ''Zero Zero'' Behind the scene

I recently shot the Dutchavelli ''Zero Zero'' music video. I just wanted to share the BTS video from this promo and talk a little bit about my cinematography. You can see the video below. (Start at 4.00mins for the cinematography information.)

Director Snatchy wanted to reference the classic 70's and 80's based gangster films, particularly those of Scorcese.

It was shot on my own Red Dragon with Low Light OLPF, with Rokinon Cine lenses. Black Pro Mist was used throughout. This filter creates a soft light pastel effect and lowers contrast.

I primarily used HMI light on the daylight scenes. I also used some candles and a smoke machine in the main scene (long dinner table) to add to the atmosphere. The night scenes used HMI also but were supplemented by soft LED light using Aladdin Bi-flex lights.

A 6ft Jimmy Jib was used to film some key scenes. It was very useful to use the Angeniuex 16-40 on the crane as this has an excellent range for crane shots. I have to thank Cameraworks for this lovely lens!

Please watch the BTS video below and the full Dutchavelli 'Zero Zero' video for more. Kit: Red Dragon 6K Low light OLPF 2:40.1 Aspect ratio Rokinon Cine DS Prime Lenses, Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/4 Movi M15 Ready Rig Murat Ersahin Director Of Photography November 2020 / London

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